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Fast 5 Australian Men’s Netball Team: Specialist Coach EOI

Australian Mens and Mixed Netball (AMMNA) seeks through its strategic priorities, programs and competitions to grow the opportunities for boys and men to connect with and play netball.  Through our high performance (HP) programming we also aim to develop coaches and umpires (as well as athletes) through international elite competition exposure.


An opportunity has presented to expand our HP coaching team.  Specifically, AMMNA is seeking expressions of interest for specialist coaches to resource our emerging Fast 5 high performance program.

The Fast 5 category has become an important aspect of game development in netball globally, acting as a new commercial product for fans to follow and an adjacent step in the pathway for emerging athletes.  AMMNA has identified a need to have separate specialist resources to build bespoke programming for our Fast 5 national team, working with our national Elite Head Coach Nerida Stewart.

Role Particulars

It is important for applicants to understand the requirements of the role before applying.

  • Travel:  To be available for travel internationally for planned tournaments with a pre defined coaching role allocated by the national head coach(NZ location in early November). The coach will be required for up to 7 days away.  Training camps may also be organised and require travel and time spent in program.

  • Remote Programming: Coaches will dedicate 1-3 hours per week on programming as defined by the national head coach who will allocate roles and responsibilities.

  • Volunteer:  All specialist roles will be unpaid, with some expenses incurred for travel where funding or subsidies are not possible.  Successful coaches may request costs ahead of time before they accept.

Selection Criteria

AMMNA will appoint a panel to assess, score and ultimately make appointments from.

  • Category Experience: 3+ years coaching in the men’s state or national HP pathway is preferred to demonstrate understanding of our category and a track record of support for developing male athletes. Equivalent experience in commercial or national women’s HP pathway may also be considered as a second preference.  This criteria has a weighting of 20%.

  • Accreditation:  A minimum standard of Advanced, with strong preference for Elite or HP coaches.  This criteria has a weighting of 20%.

  • Cultural Fit:  AMMNA will assess the values of all candidates to ensure the individual enhances and enables a positive and dynamic HP environment.  This criteria has a 30% weighting.

  • Technical Competency:  AMMNA will assess the strategic and tactical skills of the coach specific to Fast 5, including opinion leadership, skill development strategies and match day tactics.  This criteria has a 30% weighting.


AMMNA will run a 2 stage process to find the best candidates.

  • Stage 1 Desktop Screen: AMMNA will score each EOI applicant and shortlist coaches within our target competency range.

  • Stage 2 Simulation Interview:  AMMNA may conduct an interview focused on practical assessment, where coaches will be asked to simulate scenarios that demonstrate their competencies listed above.

Apply Now

Applicants should express their interest by submitting a netball resume and cover letter that does not exceed 2 pages in length, and responds to the below four questions.

  • Of all campaigns you have coached, which has been the one that would best prepare you for a Fast 5 campaign for Aus and why?

  • When completing your most recent accreditation, what was the biggest learning you took back into your coaching strategy or philosophies?

  • Of all high performance behaviours or attributes, list one concept that is not negotiable for you in any team you coach and how you teach and embed it?

  • In Fast 5 Format, what top 2 tactics would you prepare and train to in attack or defence?

Applications should be submitted to the International Director no later than  5pm, 21st July 2023.  It is anticipated that the successful applicant will be able to attend a Mens Open Camp from 3rd – 7th August 2023 at the AIS, Canberra.


For further information please email the International Director, Clare McCabe.



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