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AMMNA Awards Categories Grow in 2023

AMMNA will add a new category to their annual awards, with two athletes being chosen as the international player of the year and the emerging international player of the year for the first time.

The new category builds on the domestic recognition of athletes participating at nationals, and looks to recognise peak performance internationally. The international player of the year award will be named the Chris Carroll Medal - our sports most capped international player and captain.

AMMNA President Andrew Simons said the awards would continue to elevate the global profile of the male category.

“As the sport grows internationally and is more on show, fans start to follow their favourite players and not just teams. So individual recognition is something we want to explore to promote the athletes within the program and recognise those who are role models on the international stage.” Simons said.

“Our decision to name the peak international award after Chris Carroll was in recognition to a player who has achieved more on the international stage than any other in men’s netball history. He is widely considered the GOAT of our game, and we wanted to recognise the path he paved for this and future generations of male netballers.” Simons added.

National head coach Nerida Stewart has welcomed the awards as another driver of high performance.

“Individual awards in team sports are always secondary to the programs success, but they play an important role in identifying those who serve their sport and contribute to their team at an elite level.“ Stewart said.

“Being able to wear national colours and exhibit elite levels of performance across our three HP pillars of behaviours, conditioning and matchplay is a big ask. The international stage is a highly competitive and stressful environment, and our two inaugural awards winners showed they can thrive in this environment and meet every challenge put in front of them.” Stewart added.

The AMMNA Awards will be hosted in Perth at Easter following this years 2023 Championships. Awards will feature national title winners, divisional MVPs, the All-Star 7 teams, um



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