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A Stake in the Future of Netball

Netball Australia commits to driving male participation and pathways in netball.

The future of Mens and Mixed netball is set to soar following the release of the Stake in the Game


The report, led by the Australian Mens and Mixed Netball Association, provides a strategic response

to the State of the Game Report commissioned by Netball Australia, highlighting opportunities and

recommendations to grow mens and mixed netball in Australia.

AMMNA president Andrew Simons said the State of the Game Report commissioned by Netball

Australia made several references to the need to grow the Mens and Mixed game, which was a huge

step forward in acknowledging the need to make netball a sport for all.

After a series of workshops and briefings with Netball Australia, the AMMNA Stake in the Game

project team will continue to work with the peak body to define, schedule and resource the specific

growth initiatives.

"Making our elite athletes visible to Australian communities is a critical part of driving awareness,

interest and participation growth into the future. This is likely to start with a Tri-Nations event, to

lobby for inclusion in an upcoming Netball World Cup and then ultimately work toward our goal of

being at the Olympics in Brisbane 2032,” Simons said.

The growth of males playing netball has been highlighted by Netball Australia CEO Kelly Ryan as

imperative to the organisation’s goal of driving inclusion and diversity in the sport.

“The commissioned research certainly told us we have more to do in making netball inclusive for

all,” Ryan said.

“We are acutely aware that we need to do more to make our sport more accessible for boys and

men, and to create a pathway for them to grow with the sport at all life stages,” Ryan said.

“Working closely with the Australian Men’s and Mixed Netball Association, we will develop a multi-

phased plan to deliver initiatives that drive male participation.”

Mens and mixed netball already has good momentum in state-based program growth, with AMMNA

and Netball Australia’s member organisations joining forces in recent years to build better pathways

in their catchments. Read the full report here



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