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International Program Review

After an unprecedented 2 years of program growth and success, AMMNA’s international program enters its first High Performance (HP) review period this January. The review will aim to cement the staff that will make up the HP team that will usher in the next phase of AMMNAs strategy as it relates to international game development.


The current HP teams have worked with the nations peak body for men’s and mixed netball and successfully delivered its first phase breakthrough strategy penned during their 2021 State of the Game Review, heavily focused on upping the standards in HP programming and breaking the male category through to mainstream audiences. The next phase of strategy aligns to the strategic framework used by all members bodies in Australia - with dedicated international focus on HP commercialisation.


AMMNA President Andrew Simons referenced the successes of the 2021 strategy as foundational, with a need to consolidate as his team enter their next phases of strategic focus. “Phase 1 strategy as it related to international growth was about moving our elite international product from largely off-grid into mainstream view. Phase 2 is about finding sustainable ways for the sport to stay and grow further.” Simons said. Simons also previewed the likely links between the construct of the HP team that achieved and surpassed phase 1 objectives, and those this will feature in phase 2. “Whilst we are required to offer other coaches in netball pathways an opportunity to apply every 2-4 years - continuity is definitely going to be key in the parts of the program that excelled the most, headlined by our Kelpies program being integrated alongside the Diamonds.” Simons said.


International Director Clare McCabe reinforced continuity as being critical, but also highlighted incremental change in personnel as necessary to keep lifting the bar. “Everyone who had a role to play in our HP program uplift was central to the category hitting its breakthrough era. We’ve had the product on stages we’ve never seen before, and the work our coaches and officials put into this will leave a legacy on our category for a long time to come.” “At the same time, we also have to be a pathway for emerging coaching talent to be given a chance to express their interest and demonstrate their views on taking the sport forward. We expect our players to prove their HP contribution every year, so to do this every 2-4 years for coaches is also an important HP deliverable to ensure we have the best talent leading us to our future.”


The process will see AMMNA executives review the current program and HP teams, and will make 2-4 year placements and programming changes through to 2028. The review will have two tracks - one for incumbent coaches wishing to re-apply and one for new coaches wishing to apply should any roles require change. McCabe said incumbent coaches will be given first opportunity to showcase their successes and plans - and would be prioritised because of their service to the sport and role they have already played in our success. “As existing coaches their performances have already been tracked, so should they wish to continue and have the track record and progressive plan to usher in the 2028 plan, we will absolutely prioritise this. The review process will bring this to light, and in areas where incumbent coaches don’t continue, we will identify interested new talent that meet our criteria.” McCabe said.



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