2020 Australian Championships National Umpire Pool

The Australian Men’s and Mixed Netball Association (AMMNA) are pleased to announce the National Umpire Pool that will officiate the 2020 Australian Men’s and Mixed Netball Championships in South Australia.

In all, 46 umpires from seven states around Australia are represented in the Pool, and one from New Zealand. Sixteen of the officials will take part in an Australian Championships for the very first time.

The National Umpire Pool will be led by AMMNA Umpire Director, Maureen Stephenson OAM, with LeeAnn Quilter and Pam Clayton completing the trio of umpire coaches.

AMMNA congratulates the umpires on their successful appointments.

2020 National Umpire Pool (in alphabetical order)
Hannah Ahmad (ACT)
Carly Brown (ACT)
Mark Cockerell (VIC)
Rebecca Counsell (QLD)
Leanne de Jongh (QLD)
Sandy Dickie (VIC)
Tutakaori Dowsett-Moeahu (NSW)
Joshua Ellis (VIC)
Ashleigh Gibson (SA)
Emma Gulin (SA)
Renae Guthridge (WA)
Belinda Hares (WA)
Karen Hargraves (ACT)
Lisa Harm (QLD)
Peta Ingall (NSW)
Kelly Jordan (SA)
Angela Jowitt (NZL)
Eleni Karalouka (QLD)
Adele Kozak (NSW)
Benjamin Manfield (NT)
Renee Marshall (NSW)
Clare McCabe (NSW)
Jessica McCallum (NSW)
Narelle McIntosh (VIC)
Amanda McLachlan (ACT)
Jade Olsen (ACT)
Joel Owen (VIC)
Katerine Pajuczok (ACT)
Brooke Quilter (QLD)
Trent Rawlings (ACT)
Lauren Schodel (QLD)
Annette Sloan-Gardner (ACT)
Holly Smith (QLD)
Deanna Stainer (SA)
Sean Steele (VIC)
Rebecca Strickland (NT)
Ian Thomas (QLD)
Rachel Thomas (QLD)
Suzanne Tritton (NSW)
Thomas Turner (NSW)
Zoe Turner (NSW)
Kaye Walton (SA)
Cassie Williams (WA)
Rachel Williams (NSW)
Carmel Wilson (ACT)
Amy Winchcombe (VIC)

The 2020 Australian Men’s and Mixed Netball Championships will take place from April 12-18 at St Clair Recreation Centre in Woodville, South Australia. Weekly passes will be available soon. You can RSVP and keep up to date with all event information via the Facebook event page here.