Team leaders named for NZ tour

The four Australian representative teams headed for the 2019 NZMMNA Mens Nationals in Wellington have named their leadership groups.

Congratulations to all the athletes on their appointments.

Teams will depart for New Zealand on Monday September 9.

17 & Under
Quinn Spencer (Captain)
Nash Hosking (Vice-captain)

20 & Under
Jake Novak (Co-captain)
Hadley Dixon (Co-captain)

Masters (35 & Over)
Shane Clarke (Captain)
Brent Ferguson (Vice-captain)
Brent Hotham (Vice-captain)

Mens Reserve
Bryce Rowley (Captain)
Ray Campillo (Vice-captain)

Final team lists

17 & Under
Nash Hosking (QLD)
Mack King (QLD)
Holden Putaura (QLD)
Joseph Watson (QLD)
Jordon Webb (QLD)
David Capron (VIC)
Jed Christian (VIC)
Tristan Comans (VIC)
Connor Lilly (VIC)
Quinn Spencer (VIC)
Bodhi Stringer (VIC)
Daniel Perrella (WA)
Coach – Geoff Taylor (VIC)
Assistant coach – Mark Goreham (SA)
Manager – May Bailey (NSW)

20 & Under
Dylan Harrison (ACT)
Josh Rochow (ACT)
Brody Blackett-Gregg (NSW)
Cooper Thompson (NSW)
Jackson Turner (VIC)
Hadley Dixon (VIC)
Taylor Ford (VIC)
Kyele Heagney (VIC)
Jake Novak (VIC)
Riley Owen (VIC)
Ethan Spiteri (VIC)
Robert King (WA)
Coach – Dai Harrison (ACT)
Assistant Coach – Renee Marshall (NSW)
Manager – Narelle Costello (VIC)

Masters (35 & Over)
Brad Teale (ADF)
Shane Clarke (NSW)
Brent Ferguson (NSW)
Matt Gauci (NSW)
Tommy Portelli (NSW)
Simon Clulow (NSW)
Llon Riley (VIC)
Lance Melila (QLD)
Andrew Williams (QLD)
David Kitchin (QLD)
Brent Holtham (VIC)
Kurt Thompson (VIC)
Coach – Jenni Lewis (VIC)
Assistant Coach – Lisa Mynott (VIC)
Manager – Michelle Williams (SA)

Mens Reserve
Ray Campillo (QLD)
Caleb Herman (QLD)
Taurin Eimermacher (VIC)
Brian Williamson (QLD)
Dean Stubbs (VIC)
Simon Cartwright (VIC)
Daniel King (VIC)
Bryce Rowley (VIC)
David Priddle (VIC)
Daniel Stone (VIC)
Griffin Thomas (WA)
Coach – David O’Hare (VIC)
Assistant Coach – Mark Ireland (NSW)
Manager – Hannah Sobo (SA)

Umpires – Lisa Harm, Amanda McLachlan, Brooke Quilter, Maureen Stephenson (Umpire coach)
Trainers – Michael Davis, Vanessa Alvaro, Jessica Spiliopoulos
Tour Manager – Karen Wild (AMMNA International Director)

Cover image – Tamara Weatherburn

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