2019 Australian Championships National Umpire Pool

The Australian Men’s and Mixed Netball Association (AMMNA) are pleased to announce the National Umpire Pool that will officiate the 2019 Australian Championships in Melbourne this April.

In all, 44 umpires from seven states around Australia, and two from New Zealand, will partake in the event. The umpire appointments are full-time, meaning they will be part of the entire week.

The National Pool will again be led by AMMNA Umpire Director, Maureen Stephenson OAM.

AMMNA congratulates all officials on their appointments.

Umpires, in alphabetical order:
Adrian Barandowski (VIC)
Elle Bonasia (QLD)
Stephanie Brooks (NSW)
Mark Cockerell (VIC)
Erin Corlis-Thompson (QLD)
Rebecca Counsell (QLD)
Heather Coutts (SA)
Sandy Dickie (VIC)
Te Kaweora Enoka-Barton (NZ)
Karen Green (VIC)
Belinda Hares (WA)
Lisa Harm (QLD)
Grant Hicks (WA)
Sue Holden (QLD)
Sarah Horne (NSW)
Nicole Hume (NSW)
Dean Hurst (QLD)
Peta Ingall (NSW)
Janette Jones (NSW)
Angela Jowitt (NZ)
Jordan Kiss (NSW)
Renee Marshall (NSW)
Narelle McIntosh (VIC)
Amanda McLachlan (NSW)
Joel Owen (VIC)
Kylie Pearce (VIC)
Marcus Tuakana Puroku (NSW)
Brooke Quilter (QLD)
Trent Rawlings (ACT)
Dan Roe (SA)
Tenille Schmidt (SA)
Rachael Shallow (NSW)
Jake Shepherd (QLD)
Jason Sincock (VIC)
Deanna Stainer (SA)
Sean Steele (VIC)
Rebecca Strickland (NT)
Katherine Thackray (VIC)
Gemma Tombolato (VIC)
Suzanne Tritton (NSW)
Zoe Turner (NSW)
Zachary Von Hoff (QLD)
Cassie Williams (NSW)
Amy Winchcombe (VIC)
Karen Woods (QLD)
Rachael Wootton (QLD)

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