Australia claim Opens, 23 & Under titles

Australia can lay claim to having won at least three of the Trans Tasman Cups for 2018, after both the 23 &Under and Open Mens sides delivered 32 goals victories in Game 2 of both divisions.

Dravyn Lee-Tauroa returned for New Zealand, after missing the first 23 & Under test with an ankle injury. Although accurate under the post, the Kiwis were starved of possession by Jake Noonan and Cam Martin across the transverse line.

Australia shuffled the attack end at the start of the second quarter, shifting Brayden Pastore to GS and brining Jayden Cowing on to GA. In turn, the margin stretched from four to 20 at one stage, before half time.

Coach Matt Blomeley managed to rotate 10 of his charges across the match in the 55-23 win.


The New Zealand Mens Open side started far stronger in game 2, but failed to match the consistency of a superior Australian outfit.

It was locked at 5-all after the first five minutes, before Australia piled on 14 of the next 15 goals.

New Zealand reduced the margin to eight early in the second quarter, but again allowed Australia, through Junior Levi and Brodie Roberts, easy access to post with a quick fire 10-1 run stretching the margin to 17.

There were changes aplenty for both sides heading into the second half – New Zealand will take confidence for having only lost the third term 16-12.

A 10-3 burst to the home side at the beginning of the last quarter ensured the game was well out of reach, but the Aussies will take a close look at a lack of efficiency in parts of their game as they head into the final test.

Both Australian teams have the opportunity to clean sweep the series on Saturday afternoon.



23 & UNDER
Australia 55 def New Zealand 23
(12-8, 30-12, 42-19, 55-23)

Brice 14/16 88%
Pastore 24/29 83%
Cowling 17/23 74%
55/68 81%

New Zealand
Lalaga 7/7 100%
Lee-Tauroa 9/10 90%
Bishop 3/6 50%
Ormsby 3/7 43%
Te Tomo 1/1 100%
23/31 74%


Starting line ups

GS Brice
GA Pastore
WA Forcadilla
C Heard
WD Noonan
GD Martin
GK Marko-Rawlings

New Zealand
GS Lalaga
GA Lee-Tauroa
WA Te Tomo
C Puroku
WD Evans
GD Woodley
GK Ormsby



Australia 76 def New Zealand 44
(21-10, 41-21, 57-33, 76-44)

Levi 27/27 100%
Roberts 14/15 93%
Gillbard 18/18 100%
Lee 17/20 85%
76/80 95%

New Zealand
Gerber 19/19 100%
Mateariki 7/9 78%
Jefferies 11/12 92%
Tangira 7/9 78%
44/49 90%


Starting line ups

GS Levi
GA Roberts
WA Philpot
C Simons
WD Malmo
GD Slattery
GK Byron

New Zealand
GS Gerber
GA Mateariki
WA Manapori
C Grimmer
WD Tainui
GD Godsmark-White
GK Solia

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