Australia score big wins over rivals

Australia enjoyed a night of big victories on Day 2 of the 2018 Trans Tasman Cup, with a 35-goal win in the 23 & Under division, and later a 45-goal win in the Open Mens.

A 10-2 start rattled the young Kiwis early – with seven players in the team are under the age of 20.

The margin entered double figures early in the second term as Australia went to the main break shooting at 91% accuracy.

Brayden Pastore and Jayden Cowling displayed some shrewd work via the floorboards after the main break, in what was Australia’s most prolific quarter, as the margin stretched beyond 30.

New Zealand hope to have the services of Miguel Afuni and Dravyn Lee-Tauroa (foot) for the second and third tests, likewise Luke Marko-Rawlings (rested) for Australia.


Later, Australia’s Open Mens team, the Sonix, lead from start to finish in a stunning 82-37 romp.

The Aussies’ starting line-up contained four players from NSW’s 2018 Australian Championship winning Open Mens team in Josh Byron, Eugene Lee, Steven Philpot and Adam Slattery.

The Sonix scored the first five goals without reply, further breaking away to a commanding 24-9 lead at quarter time.

The scoring rate slowed ever so slightly in parts across the middle terms, however the result was never in doubt. Jerome Gillbard starred with 30 goals without miss in the second half.

Only Ely Harrison remained on the sidelines with a minor back complaint, as the home side explored their depth within the squad.

There was a rousing rendition of the Tika Tonu haka for Victor Godsmark-White by the New Zealand squad post-match, who notched up his 50th test.

The second test for both divisions will take place at 6:30pm (23s) and 8:30pm (Open) on Friday.



23 & UNDER
Australia 58 def New Zealand 23
(14-6, 29-11, 47-16, 58-23)

Brice 25/29 86%
Pastore 19/23 83%
Cowling 14/20 70%
58/72 81%

New Zealand
Bishop 10/12 83%
Woodley 1/2 50%
Evans 1/2 50%
Lalaga 11/13 85%
23/29 79%


Starting line ups

GS Brice
GA Pastore
WA Forcadilla
C Heard
WD Noonan
GD Martin
GK Sproats

New Zealand
GS Bishop
GA Woodley
WA Te Tomo
C Evans
WD Tan
GD Puroku
GK Ormsby



Australia 82 def New Zealand 37
(24-9, 41-18, 57-28, 82-37)

Levi 28/29 93%
Lee 13/17 76%
Gillbard 30/30 100%
Roberts 11/13 85%
82/89 92%

New Zealand
Jefferies 23/25 92%
Mateariki 9/12 75%
Gerber 5/5 100%
37/42 88%


Starting line ups

GS Levi
GA Lee
WA Philpot
C Simons
WD Slattery
GD Punshon
GK Byron

New Zealand
GS Jefferies
GA Mateariki
WA Grimmer
C Manapori
WD Tainui
GD Godsmark-White
GK Solia

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