2018 Australian Championships umpire pool

Umpires are an integral part of netball. They are essential to the progress and success of the sport.

Part of the Australian Mens and Mixed Netball Association’s Strategic Plan 2017-2021 is to strive for “continuous improvement to the National Umpires Pool, allowing new talent and development opportunities for umpires.”

To that end, AMMNA are pleased to announce a pool of 53 umpires for the 2018 Australian Championships and congratulate them on their appointments.

Adrian Barandowski
Alena Johnston
Amy Nolan
Amy Winchcombe
Anna Keightley
Anna Relyea
Ashleigh Gibson
Ben Manfield
Brooke Austin
Brooke Quilter
Carly Brown
Carolyn Sweet
Cassie Williams
Christina West
Daniel Roe
Danny Dalton
Dean Hurst
Deborah Tapper
Donna Dowdell
Elena Bonasia
Grace Underwood
Heather Coutts
Ian Thomas
Jake Shepherd
Jess Roach
Joel Owen
Jordan Kiss
Joshua Ellis
Katelyn Abbott
Katherine Pajuczok
Katherine Thackray
Kylie Pearce
Lisa Harm
Lynn Capron
Mark Cooper
Mark Munnich
Melissah Comber
Merna Shaddad
Michelle McNamara
Olivia Thompson
Peta Ingall
Rachael Shallow
Rachael Wootton
Rebecca Counsell
Rebecca Strickland
Renee Marshall
Rhys David
Sandy Dickie
Sean Steele
Stewart Ting
Suzanne Tritton
Vincenzo Marzano
Zoe Turner

Pam Clayton, Lee-Ann Quilter and Maureen Stephenson will act as the panel of Umpire Directors for the tournament.

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