2017 AMMNA Australian teams announced

In front of 750 attendees at the 2017 Australian Championships Presentation Night at the RACV Royal Pines Grand Ballroom, the AMMNA selectors named those taking part in the three Australian teams heading to the 2017 New Zealand Mens Netball Championships this September in Invercargill.

AMMNA congratulates the appointed staff and players selected. You hard work and dedication in the lead up to the tournament will hold you in good stead. Best of luck in New Zealand!

17 & Under
Cole Brokmann (NSW)
Nick Cameron Neser (ACT)
Hayden Considine (NSW)
Cooper Ellis (NSW)
Ryan Lowery (QLD)
Daimon Malone (NSW)
Walt Morton (ACT)
Harper Paniora (ACT)
Joshua Rochow (ACT)
Jackson Turner (VIC)
Coach: Jill Joyce (ACT)
Asst. coach: Josh Bogers (NSW)
Manager: May Bailey (NSW)

The 2017 17 & Under Australian team. Photo: PowerShots Photography


20 & Under
Ben Ryan (SA)
Clayton Blackmore-Wells (SA)
Jason Coles (QLD)
Kai Suzuki (VIC)
Jack Edwards (NSW)
Hadley Dixon (VIC)
Ben McAllister (VIC)
Jake Novak (VIC)
Caleb Barnden (SA)
Kyele Heagney (VIC)
Coach: Matt Blomeley (VIC)
Manager: Brooke Berry (NSW)

The 2017 20 & Under Australian team. Photo: PowerShots Photography


Reserve Mens
Lance Melila (QLD)
Clint Allwood (VIC)
Josh Clavarino (VIC)
Brent Ferguson (NSW)
Mason Charrington (QLD)
Ray Campillo (QLD)
Chris Cameron (VIC)
Simon Cartright (VIC)
Rein Kivivali (VIC)
Patrick Griffin (QLD)
Joshua Logan (QLD)
Coach: Jenni Lewis (VIC)
Asst. coach: Brooke Trevena (SA)
Manager: Lisa Mynott (VIC)

The 2017 Australian Mens Reserve team. Photo: PowerShots Photography

Nathan Nolan (VIC), Vanessa Alvaro (SA)
Umpires: Anna Relyea (NSW), Kylie Pearce (VIC), Carly Brown (ACT), Jessica Roach (NSW)


Also named were Carnival Teams (non-touring) for those divisions not participating in the New Zealand Mens Netball Championships. AMMNA congratulates the following players on their selections.

23 & Under
Travis Malmsheimer (QLD)
Cameron Allum (VIC)
Bradyen Pastore (VIC)
Sean Gray (NSW)
Jake Dambrauskas (VIC)
Billy Mayer (QLD)
Jake Noonan (VIC)
Matthew Branch (QLD)
Cameron Martin (VIC)
Travis Wood (SA)

Reserve Mixed
George Hirst (NSW)
Nat Billings (VIC)
Eloise Carter (NSW)
Megan Walker (ADF)
Michael Dower (VIC)
Kate McCarthy (VIC)
Teagan Burton (NSW)
Kris Leonard (NSW)
Ashleigh Scott (NSW)
Shane Clarke (NSW)
Merrow Clough (ADF)

Open Mixed
Brad Halton (NSW)
Corey Nexhip (VIC)
Dylan Nexhip (VIC)
David Butler (VIC)
Lachlan Carter (QLD)
Sophie O’Shae (VIC)
Dani Dibartolo (NSW)
Sara Febo (VIC)
Elle McDonald (VIC)
Georgette Paatsch (NSW)
Sarah Szczykuzski (VIC)

Open Men
Junior Levi (QLD)
Brodie Roberts (VIC)
Jerome Gillbard (WA)
Andrew Simons (VIC)
Guy Keane (VIC)
Adam Slattery (NSW)
Tim Malmo (VIC)
Alistar Punshon (VIC)
Will Jamison (VIC)
Jake Hedericks (SA)

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