AMMNA to target domestic growth across Australia…

Representative men’s & mixed netball in Australia is slowly starting to gather momentum.  Next Easter some 40 teams will call the eastern suburbs of Melbourne home for one week as they contest the 32nd Australian Men’s & Mixed Netball Championships.  Whilst this tournament is growing, AMMNA recognizes that as a governing body, it simply is not enough to solely focus on the “pointy end” of our sport, and expect that we will continue to return incremental growth. There must be sustainable pathways.

In January 2005, Victoria trialed a new Men’s Netball competition, calling it MLEAGUE.  This is a brand name that has stuck, with the competition now including Mixed and deep into its 10th consecutive year.  A few years ago, NSW also recognized the importance of a local men’s league, adopting the MLEAGUE brand for its premier Men’s competition.

M-League-WA-logo-v1-(high-res) M-League-VIC-logo-v1-(high-res) M-League-TAS-logo-v1-(high-res) M-League-SA-logo-v1-(high-res) M-League-QLD-logo-v1-(high-res) M-League-NSW-logo-v1-(high-res)MLEAGUE is now a strong brand within netball circles.  With this in mind, AMMNA has decided to enhance this brand, with plans to expand its reach right across Australia.  With a ‘slight’ revamp of the logo, and the creation of new state based MLEAGUE logos, the goal is to create a brand of strength that demonstrates to players that they are part of a national movement.  Whilst for now MLEAGUE competitions are locally based, the concept of MLEAGUE has huge growth potential. AMMNA Development & Strategy consultant, James McCallum, was excited about where MLEAGUE could take Men’s Netball, “Our growth potential is limitless. The MLEAGUE brand can be defined in any way we want.  Why can’t we see a regional location adopt our brand for their Mixed competition?”  And it’s not just locally where Mr. McCallum sees development, “I can see MLEAGUE competitions played in every state and territory, but I can also see national club based tournaments eventually hitting the representative netball landscape.  Like all of our programs, AMMNA puts absolutely no limitations on growth”.

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