2014 AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS – the countdown is on

2014-Championships-logo-v1-900pxWPreparations are well underway across Australia, and abroad, as teams prepare for the 30 year anniversary of the Australian Men’s and Mixed Netball Championships.

1985 was the inaugural year that Men’s netball teams gathered in Melbourne.  That year there was only ONE division, with South Australia being the first ever Men’s Netball Australian Champions.  In those days the association was known as the ALL AUSTRALIAN MEN’S NETBALL ASSOCIATION (AAMNA).  Over the years more divisions were added to the annual tournament, with Reserves, then Masters, then Under Age divisions contested.  In 2006 the association added Mixed netball to the championships.  This move prompted the association to consider a name change, and now we have AUSTRALIAN MEN’S & MIXED NETBALL ASSOCIATION (AMMNA).

In 2014 we head to Brisbane, where SIX division will host excess of 35 teams from across Australia, Asia, the South Pacific Islands and New Zealand.

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